Confession: I’ve paid my kids to rub my feet

Soles and Toes 001 eWe all know that giving ourselves a foot or shoulder rub doesn’t feel the same as when someone else does it. The fact is, I love my feet rubbed. My kids will humor me from time to time and rub my feet which I greatly appreciate. It is hard to admit this confession, but I’ve even paid them to rub my feet. Yes, I said it. It’s out there. Anything you want to confess? Have you stooped this low before too? Tell us about it.



  1. Yes, my son (13 next month) knows all about rubbing my feet. When we’re sitting on the couch watching tv together sometimes I’ll give him a little nudge with one foot and he’ll just say “socks on or off?” He doesn’t mind it at all. My sister and I used to rub our dad’s feet when he got home from work, our mom had ticklish feet so we didn’t do hers. They were usually smelly, but we didn’t care, lol.

  2. My dad use to make be rub his feet after work or whenever they got cold. He always told ne to rub his bare feet because I always gad to apply lotion at one point. His feet were ugly, big and fat so it wasn’t a walk in the park. I hated how he wold comment like “focus more on my toes. They’ve been aching all day!” So I did.never gotten paid tho. I did this for 10 years every day!

  3. is it normal for me at 16 to still love rubbing my moms bare feet?

  4. Yes, extremely normal and you should continue doing so as much as possible. :)

  5. rubbing mums feet turns me on is this weird?

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