Runny Noses

UglyI have heard that “medically” a runny nose is NOT from teething. Why is it that all three of my children have had extremely runny noses while cutting teeth? Why is it that every mother I’ve ever talked to has experienced runny noses inconjunction with teething? Why is it that upon seeing my daughter’s slimy nose another mother FIRST asks if she’s teething? Medical studies-smudies. I firmly believe that as soon as my daughter cuts her little bottom molar and front bottom tooth her nose will dry up. It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! What about you? Weigh in on this…I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Jill s says:

    I am with you. all my kids ran low temps and running noses while teething. AND two of them also had horrific diaper rashes. yuk.

  2. I didn’t really know what to think until recently – my daughter had four teeth coming in at once and suddenly her nose was just crazy running all the time! She’s not sick, but the nose is runny. Strange but it is true. I agree!

    Every mom I’ve come across who notices the sniffles nods knowingly when I tell her Emma is teething.

  3. i totally agree with the runny nose while teething, my son is 7 and a half months old and is in teething prime. hes not sick because the mucus is clear. i dont know what to do at night with his runny nose though, hes too young to understand to blow and its constantly waking him in the night and sounds terrible, its like a leaky tap, ive tried vick and everything else ther eis on the market but its giving him such grief i cant be there all night to catch every drop or use this thin ive got to suction it out. maybe i should try something that will help dry him up maybe an antihistamine or something??

  4. I totally agree with running nose with teething my son has 4 teeth coming in and every time he is teething he always gets a running nose i was always told that a fever is not caused by teething until my second son had his 2nd tooth coming in he had a fever of 103 the moment his tooth broke through the fever was complettly GONE so i just learn things has they come along doc. tells me one thing and the oppisite happens.

  5. Jaxson's Mommy says:

    Definitely agree my 7 month old has a runny nose, and is getting 4 teeth right now!

  6. Sky and Colts MOMMY says:

    Both of my kids got severe runny noses every time they teethed! My question is why does the medical community try so hard to convince parents otherwise? I have no doubt there is a connection i just dont know why?

  7. Would teething also cause waking up at night screaming with a runny nose?

  8. I am a mother of 3 children. The first two are grown 17 and 19 and I now have a 21 month old son. NONE of my kids had a runny nose when they were teething. They did have a runny nose when they had a virus or cold.

    My son has a cold right now and has been cutting teeth for about 6 months now and never had 1 runny nose the entire time until we all got this cold. It started out with clear snott for 24 hours and now is yellow and green. He also has developed a slight cough from the drainage.

    Before my son was born my sister in law would have me baby sit her kids one of which was teething. She would tell me that the runny nose was just the sinus from teething. Funny thing is the entire family were horse and the older kids had runny noses or coughs too.

    Stupid me would baby sit and get sick every time. I watched this and it never felled. I finally wised up and thought back to my two girls and they never had a runny nose while teething. Only when they had a virus. After I stood up to her on it and said if their nose is running then NO I am not baby siting. I stopped getting sick and so did my family.

    So becareful what you belive. Runny nose has NOTHING to do with teething at all.

  9. I def agree my son is having a runny nose while he’s cutting his teeth!!

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